Back Pain

Most people that have any form of back pain have no specific diagnosis, yet the most common cause of low back pain is muscle or ligament strain.

The annual cost in the United States for health care and lost productivity from individuals that suffer from low back pain is nearly $100 billion. Often people hear about the history of acupuncture and its’ effectiveness for treating pain syndromes. There are many clinical studies supporting the efficiency of acupuncture in treating all forms of back pain, more frequently low back pain. Research conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center evaluated the effects of acupuncture both in short term and longer duration. They confirmed that acupuncture provided pain relief in shorter terms of use, and this relief appeared to be sustained over longer periods.


At Huatuo Clinic, we encourage everyone to experience an acupuncture treatment as early as possible to begin healing. Acupuncture may be used alone or paired with other TCM techniques such as fire cupping, moxibustion, herbal medicine, diet therapy, or massage to attain the most effective results for each patient. Contact us today for the quickest recovery from your back pain to enjoy the activities you love again.

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