Dr. Mohamad Almaqtari

Dr. Mohamad Almaqtari

Dr. Almaqtari holds a Doctorate of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine. He practices a form of Acupuncture that is Gentle & Noninvasive, yet very effective and balanced. He is not a proponent of using pain to treat pain, his treatments are painless. All Mohamad does is help steer your body towards homeostasis. 

Mohamad is also a second-generation Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and a third-generation Prophetic Medicine Practitioner. He has been practicing and teaching Hijama-wet cupping for 14 years, his education in Chinese medicine solidified his understanding and techniques in performing Hijama. 

Mohamad has a passion for solving health-related puzzles and getting to the root cause of diseases. When Mohamad isn’t working, you will find him out in nature contemplating god through his creations, writing his book, or managing his family business.

Mohamad’s Goal Is To Help You Achieve Your health goals by using his knowledge and experience in Acupuncture, Herbs, Hijama, lifestyle, and diet. His passion for solving health-related puzzles as well as getting to the root cause of diseases allows him to tackle difficult cases such as pain, infertility, and mental health disorders.

The Pinnacle of Excellence

Providing Unparalleled Education In Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Since 1997

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