Dr. Michael Lind

Dr. Michael Lind

Dr. Lind, as a trained doctor in Chinese Medicine and practicing for over a decade, has had an important role in bettering the health and wellbeing of his patients, as well as being a unique contributor to the education of Chinese medicine students at the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (ACATCM). As a young man, he was always intrigued by the immediate and profound results from regular acupuncture sessions he received to himself, so much so that after graduating from university, he became a qualified TCM practitioner in order to help benefit others in these minimally invasive therapies.

Always keen to investigate what has ended up being the most clinically effective acupuncture treatments for his patients, Michael has found his skill set expanding to Taiwanese styles, most notably Master Tung points and methods. Identifying proper patterns and disharmonies with his patients, and honing the precision in using these points, he has found previously intractable conditions, with Western methods, has responded and resolved themselves fully with this different approach of acupuncture therapy.

Dr. Michael Lind is presently practicing in Calgary, and teaches Chinese dietary therapy, and supervises at ACATCM.

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