Dr. Dennis Lee

Dr. Dennis Lee

  • HBSc (Biology), MSc (Cell Biology), TCMD, RAc
  • Co-President, ACATCM
  • Director of M.I.N.A
  • Deputy Director, HSM Hospital (North America)

Having a unique integrated background in both Western sciences and Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr. Lee has a very unique approach to clinical practice.  Specializing in the areas of pain management, mental health, and fertility, Dennis strongly emphasizes the importance of preventative medicine as an integral component of treatment.  He strongly believes in the integration of Western physiology and Chinese Medicine theory.  Focusing on strategically using as few acupuncture needles as possible, Dr. Lee strives to see immediate effects on the conditions being treated.  His expansive experiences enabled him to develop highly effective treatment plans to suit the individual needs of his patients.

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